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Seminar Summary:  Resonance Repatterning:

1. Interdependence: recognizing that the whole of creation is an interconnected web of relationship. You will learn about the basic needs that must be met if coherent relationships and life are to be maintained.

2. Entrainment and Resonance: great relationships are possible only to the extent that the frequency fields of those involved are in phase and positively resonating with each other.

3. Polarity: the necessity for tension of the opposites to maintain balance in relationship and acting as an impetus for growth and transformation.

Transformation always occurs on three levels; a new awareness that changes who you are and how you relate. This brings more joy to all relationships. Please join us for this highly personal and transformational experience!


Do you have the equipment necessary for this online seminar?  Please review this list and then be in touch with me - Carolyn Winter. Together we'll figure it out. 

  • A stand alone computer or laptop directly plugged into the internet with an ethernet cord.   Please note that Wifi connections, tablets, and smart phones will not hold the size of this video conference. 
  • A webcam is needed and the external logitech pro is widely recommended as it gives the highest quality.  An internal webcam may require the use of a headset to reduce echoing.
  • A cable or fiber optic internet connection is required with an upload and download speed of 8000kbps (call your internet company and let them know you want to participate in a large video conference call).  Regular high speed internet will result in a dropped call, frozen screen or other connection challenges.

Not sure if you meet these?   Arrange a free consultation with me and we’ll assess your equipment together.  Set up an appointment with me and let me know if you have installed the plugin or if we should meet by phone.

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The first seven Repatternings are the foundation for all positive, bonded relationships:

  • Fire Element Repatterning  Work with issues of bonding and separation and resonate with connectedness and intimacy in your relationships. This Repatterning supports the fiery quality of unconditional love, warmth and joy.
  • Repatterning for Communicating Feelings  Identify and release blocks to communicating feelings so you resonate with accessing and expressing your feelings and being heard.
  • Repatterning for Communicating Needs  Identify and transform old patterns of unmet life needs so you resonate with accessing and expressing your needs and having your needs met, as well as hearing and meeting the needs of others.
  • Water Element Repatterning  Release constrictions of fear that cause you to live your life small; facilitate your resonance with 'showing up big' in your life and enjoying empowered relationships.
  • Earth Element Repatterning  Support your resonance with qualities of nurturance, stability and sustainable relationship, along with the strength you need during challenging relationship transitions.
  • Metal Element Repatterning  Recognize old patterns of unworthiness that need to be released; open the space for the new, and let go of what comes in the way of your life purpose.
  • Wood Element Repatterning  Enhance your ability to set goals and move into action (yang), while remaining open to the synchronicities (yin) that lead to the higher truths (yang) that your life invites you to integrate (yin)!

The second group of seven Repatternings work with the three principles of relationships:

1. The Principle of Interdependence is a law based on new physics, which states that all of creation is a web of interconnected relationships. Separation is an illusion. Therefore what you resonate with affects not only yourself, but all others as well. Two Repatternings start the quantum change process that supports interdependent relationships:

  • Birth Process Repatterning - Identify powerful dissonant patterns that take form prenatally and during the birth process. Birth process patterns and traumas may be replicated throughout your life as accidents, surgeries, addictions, negative attitudes and relationships.
  • Self-Acceptance Repatterning - Promote your ability to love yourself and all you produce - essential for loving and accepting others or being loved and accepted by others.

2. The Principle of Entrainment and Resonance is what allows your energy frequencies to come into sync with others. This synchronization, or entrainment, leads to more energy for the partnership or the group as a whole than is available for the individual alone. As a result, you are empowered to pulse in cooperation, harmony and creativity as you face and transcend daily stresses and problems. Three Repatternings start your process for positive change in relationship through this synchronization of energy:

  • Entrainment-Resonance Repatterning  Work more harmoniously with people whose wave patterns are not harmonically entrained with yours. Support entrainment of the partnership or the group relationship for more cooperation, connection and energy.
  • Argument Repatterning  Identify and shift the underlying cause of any argument, which is never what you think it is.
  • Clearing Communications Repatterning  Resonate with reflective listening so that each person clearly understands the intention of the other person's communication.

3. The Principle of Polarity, a universal truth known since ancient times, involves balancing the minus/plus charges, feminine/masculine, or yin/yang energies, within yourself and in all your relationships. This principle includes two Repatternings for balancing these polarities:

  • Unresolved Past Communications Repatterning  Identify past efforts to express needs and feelings that were unacknowledged and unmet, and that continue to impact physical and mental well-being in the present. When unresolved past communications are resolved, this has a beneficial effect on the subtle masculine and feminine balance in yourself and your relationships.
  • Yin/Yang Feminine/Masculine Repatterning  Learn to balance the minus/plus, feminine/masculine energies within yourself in terms of your health and your relationships.

Self-Healing Modalities  Support bonded relationship through Modalities that include:

  • toning sound intervals
  • supporting prenatal needs
  • synchronizing brainwaves
  • chakra Modalities for balanced relationship
Customer Reviews
Rating An Enlightening Offering
I thoroughly enjoyed the online experience of studying directly with Chloe Faith Wordsworth. Her energy is invigorating; I found myself truly engaged. The insights gained through this program have helped me on so many levels - and my clients have received the benefits of the deeper repatternings. I highly recommend this program, and look forward to further online offerings.
  Reviewed by:   from Hamilton NJ. on 4/4/2015
Rating Resonance Repatterning Certified Practitioner
I loved the online class. I feel I got as much out of the class as I would have attending the class in person. I like not having to take the time to travel and saving travel expenses. I felt included in the group as a retaker. The format enabled me to pause the recording and take better notes. I highly recommend taking these courses online or listening to the recordings as a retaker.
  Reviewed by:   from Prescott, Arizona. on 3/31/2015