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About Course Registration at Ozardis.com

The Resonance Repatterning courses are sequential and require the prerequisite course for registration.   Your account is approved for the highest level course indicated to us or that you have taken at Ozardis.com.  If you have completed the pre-requisites with other teachers, please email us with your information and we'll upgrade your account for registration.  ardis@ozardis.com

Retaker Fees

Your retaker fee is available when you login and your account with us is approved for the appropriated retake level.


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Resonance Repatterning Institute Registration: 
Resonance repatterning courses are presented sequentially with each course building on the platform of skills learned in the previous course.  Courses may be obtained at Ozardis.com as well as with other teachers and in other countries with the same pre-requisites.   In order for your courses to 'count' as prerequisites both here and with other teachers you must have an account with the International Registrar - The Resonance Repatterning Institute.  At this site you will find a wealth of information about the Resonance Repattenring system as well as other listed courses.   Your attendance at any of the classes registered through Ozardis.com will be recorded at the Institute provided you have an account.  
- register all classes and pre-requisites taken 
- record of CEU's
(continuing education credits for Repatterning Practitioners Association) 
- your classes are eligible as pre-requisites with other teachers/locations.