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Living In Tune With Your Inner Light - January 30, February 6, 13, 15, 20th and 22nd
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Living In Tune With Your Inner Light - January 30, February 6, 13, 15, 20th and 22nd

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A New Seminar by Chloe Wordsworth Begins January 30th, 2018  

"Living In Tune With Your Inner Light"
will be presented for the first time ONLINE by Chloe 

January 30, February 6, 13, 15, 20th and 22nd

Introductory Offer - $300.00
Join us for this first online presentation of Living In Tune with Your Light with Chloe Wordsworth, the creator of Resonance Repatterning,  at this special introductory offer of $300.00

This exciting class is based on 8 extraordinary true stories and 8 new repatternings to integrate the concepts of these stories into our lives. Chloe originally created these repatternings in 2008 as part of a Living In Tune radio series. Several practitioners have asked over the years for a book that featured these stories and repatternings.

Recently Chloe finished creating the book and had her first experience teaching this class to a group of 75 Resonance Repatterning students and practitioners in Mexico. Here is a comment from one of the students: "It was the most powerful book and the most powerful seminar of all of them I have taken". Chloe felt the whole room was full of light.

In this seminar Chloe weaves the stories into 8 healing repatterning for all of us who desire self mastery, healing and transformation. Watch Chloe as she demonstrates each of these powerful repatternings and witness how these true stories have practical applications in our daily lives.

• Each chapter consists of a true story that inspires and moves the heart, followed by an understanding of how we can apply the higher learning of these powerful stories in our life.

• Each chapter ends with a Repatterning process based on the challenge and transformation illustrated by the story.

• All RR practitioners, no matter what level, will love these new Repatterning processes for themselves, their clients and for doing  GROUP sessions.

• Non-RR people can read the Repatterning Processes and receive a deeper understanding of themselves, their problems and goals.

• This book is for self-help and inspiration for all those wanting to live their life with more purpose, who need courage and upliftment when facing life’s challenges.

Please join us for this unique seminar and see if we can fill the screen with 100 students and practitioners and radiate our light throughout the world wide web!


• Important! Purchase your copy of the book separately.    Purchase either the paperback book  at $14.95 or if  you prefer a spiral bound copy  for $24.75 at Amazon.com
• This online seminar is open to everyone: RR practitioners, students, clients and anyone interested in experiencing Chloe demonstrating each of the eight Respatterning sessions -- and you can proxy in to each other’s sessions.


Online Video Conferencing using zoom.us (free to you). To see the interactive class you will need to view on a PC or Mac computer or laptop. Tablets do not hold the call without freezing dropping due to class size.

Times And Dates -

The seminar is presented in six - 3.5 hour segments - at Noon Eastern – 3:30pm Eastern. Partial recordings are available afterwards.

Dates: January 30, February 6, 13, 15, 20th and 22nd
Time : Noon Eastern - 3:30pm
In other time zones the class starts at: [ 9:00am Pacific – 10am Mountain – 11:00am Mountain – Noon Eastern, 4:00pm UK, 5:00pm South Africa]

JOIN US for this unique self-healing experience for self-mastery and transformation and START 2018 with a bang.  Lets access and expand our light through the world-wide with an interactive group experience of students, practitioners, and all interested people who are joining in from around the globe.

NOTE - for RPA members this class is 21 CEUs . 
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