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Meet the Coordinators at Ozardis.com

Ardis OzbornWe are a team with a vision of bringing Resonance Repatterning out into your corner of the world.  
Meet the coordinators by clicking the links below with their name to find out more about the unique opportunities for classes in their city, where to stay etc and upcoming classes.
Join us for a journey of transformation and healing. - Ardis Ozborn

Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson is a retired RN with a Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry. She is also a certified Spiritual Director and previously spent 13 years in private practice as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Read More...

Contact Me:
Phone: (360) 384-1415
Email: jennifer-hr@comcast.net
Location: Ferndale, WA

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Bobbie Martin
"It's time to make the discovery that you are the light you've been waiting for! This is Bobbie Martinís mission in her teaching and personal sessions over the last 20 years. She expands on this mission  Read More...

Contact Me: 

Phone: 816-363-0091
Email:   info@bobbiemartin.com
URL:     www.BobbieMartin.com 
Blog Articles: At the www.RepatterningJournal.com 

Margaret Skillicorn
I chose to be a coordinator as an opportunity to share this amazing work with others. I have experienced great success physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and desire the same for others....Read More...

Location: The Beautiful Monterey Bay, California, USA
Phone:   831-204-8678
Email: WingsofResonance@gmail.com 

Carolyn Winter
With an educational background in Human Development, 20 years experience as an Executive Director of Social Service Agencies and a proven  ability to lead people with success, Carolyn now helps individuals ....Read More


Phone: 416-410-2349
Email:  carolyn@lighttravels.com