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 5 Ways Resonance Repatterning Can Supercharge Your Business

1. Personal Coaching Sessions - Provide employees with private one to one coaching packages of 3, 5 or 12 sessions to use as needed.  The sessions support individuals through stressful periods helping them find opportunities in all challenges.

2. Group Sessions on Specific topics -  Spark the creativity of your department, project group or team with a 1 1/2 -2 hour group session of Resonance Repatterning.  Group sessions tap into the group consciousness for greater awareness of opportunities behind any problem, expands solutions and options, and creates a coherent working bond.  Ideal for planning retreats, team development or specialized situations that call for creative problem solving that goes beyond conventional strategies.  

3. In House Seminars for Employees - bring Resonance Repatterning Seminars to Your Employees as an inhouse training initiative  to provide personal development opportunities.  Participants walk away with tools to make positives changes beginning with the first seminar and integrate an empowered position of self-responsibility in the workplace. 

4. Repattern Your Corporate Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan - the best written plans will return the best results when the leadership of the company resonate with the plans put forward.  Either as an online program of  5 sessions or in person seminar with key decision makers, your business will benefit from this experience. 

5. Repattern Your Next Product Launch - When your company has experienced the extraordinary benefits of resonance repatterning for it's employees or group trainings, unlimited applications for other key aspects of your business will be inspired.  Your next product launch may be a great place to start. Bring together representatives for key people involved in the launch - marketing, social media, sales, distribution etc. and repattern all of the worries, stress, anxiety or doubts before they manifest as real.  Switch on your company for success with this specialized repatterning. 

This seminar may also be applied to 
- repattern your brand
- repattern your logo
- repattern your web presence 

Contact me directly to discuss how your company can benefit from Resonance Repatterning services.  ardis@ozardis.com 
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