Become a Certified Practitioner

The Repatterning Practitioners Association certifies practitioners who have completed the requirements of their certification program.  When you have completed the Meridians Course, you may join the Repatterning Practitioners Association as a Student Practitioner and embark on their certification program.   Find out more about the requirements directly from the RPA
About the Repatterning Practitioners Association

Certification Requirements  

Note -there is an annual professional fee to remain in the program as a student practitioner or certified member and an annual requirements of 16 CEU's Continuing Education Credits to be a professional member in good standing


.Use of Licensed Material - RPA Certified Practitioners may sign a license agreement with Chloe F. Wordsworth to use her trademark name and logo on their advertising and may list their services on the RPA Directory:

USA/Canada or All Other Countries

RPA Designated Observers at - Ardis Ozborn and a number of  her seminar coordinators are recognized RPA Designated Observers.   Please contact them directly for more information on observation schedules, and fees.  Additional observers may also be found at the RPA website