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A New Vision 110

A NEW VISION. This may be taken after completing the six basic seminars of the Resonance Repatterning system. This advanced seminar introduces the three principles of light, movement and memory images, which transform how we see on all levels.

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Visions with Ardis Ozborn Oct 5, 10 , 12, Nov 2, 7, 9,  2017
Visions with Ardis Ozborn Oct 5, 10 , 12, Nov 2, 7, 9, 2017

1. The Principle of Light is a law that describes how we absorb and radiate light, or photons. Light provides the primary nutrient for the brain, eyes and whole body. When you experience unresolved tension, shock and trauma, your eye muscles constrict, which distorts how your eyes take in light. As a result your entire system is deprived of light energy.

Five Repatternings begin the process of transforming unconscious vision patterns relating to light. This allows you to resonate with absorbing and radiating light/photons for body-mind well-being. It changes how you see yourself, others and the world:

  • Present Stress Repatterning:  Look at your immediate circumstances and transform your resonance with the stressors that are diminishing your capacity to absorb and radiate light.
  • Sirota Repatterning:  Benefit from the extraordinary work of pioneering optometrist, Dr. Harry Sirota, who believes that unresolved emotions and constricted breathing distort how the eyes absorb light. This distortion negatively impacts relationships, behaviors, health, movement and the ability to live a pain-free life.
  • Inner Light Repatterning: Transform resonance with the attitudes that cut you off from your light; resonate with actions and attitudes that connect you to your light.
  • Mandorla Conflict Repatterning:  Resolve any conflict between your left side (mother's) way of seeing and your right side (father's) way of seeing that may be affecting your life in the present. Transcend your present conflict so you see and resonate with what you really want.
  • Pain Repatterning:  Release constrictions and the disconnection underlying your pain by changing the angle of your vision.

2. The Principle of Movement is what makes it possible for the eyes and brain to absorb light. A powerful and joyful Repatterning supports this process:

  • Movement for Life Repatterning: Identify the body-memory constrictions that inhibit the flexible, confident expression of your life in action. Use relaxing, fun movements to stimulate the inflow of light through your eyes to improve vision, release pain and re-activate your joy.

3. The Principle of Memory Images describes how memory imprints act as a filter that determines what we see in the present. Memory images are held in the mind by highly charged emotions. Through these two repatternings you begin to experience how the mind can transform your past perceptions, thereby changing what you experience in the present and future.

  • Memory Imprint Repatterning:  Transform your resonance with past visual memory images held in place by your resonance with highly charged emotions (usually fear, anger or grief). Resonate with seeing and experiencing yourself and others in a new light.
  • Endorphin Stress Repatterning: Support your resonance with healthy endorphin stimulation for a new vision that will boost your immune system and your sense of well-being.

Self-Healing Vision Modalities: Practice and observe vision modalities that have a positive effect on your physical vision as well as on how you perceive yourself and others. The vision Modalities include:

  • Color / Light Modalities: including flower patterns and palming
  • Movement Modalities: Chi Kung meridian tonification, SNS Endorphin Activation, 12 Eye Movements and 8 Body-Eye Movements
  • Relaxation Modalities: Soft Focus, PNS Endorphin Activation
  • Memory Modalities: Memory Swing, Self-healing Visualization, Animal Visualization.